Articles By Mark Walkom

07 December 2018 Engineering

Welcome to the Elastic Advent Calendar, 2018! A look at Week One

By Mark Walkom

The Elastic Advent Calendar is back in 2018. Here's a round up of what's happened in week 1!

26 December 2017 Engineering

The Elastic Advent Calendar 2017, Week 4

By Aaron AldrichMichelle Carroll

25 topics in 25 days, we hope you have enjoyed the Elastic Advent series! Catch a summary of all the posts here.

22 December 2017 Engineering

Elastic Advent Calendar 2017, Week 3

By Mark Walkom

Catch up with week 3 in our series.

12 December 2017 Engineering

Custom Region Maps in Kibana 6.0

By Mark Walkom

Grab your cartometers, folks, and get ready for some chloropleth map goodness. A walkthrough of custom region maps in Kibana 6.0.

19 April 2017 Engineering

GeoIP in the Elastic Stack

By Mark Walkom

Discover what browsers access your site. See where your end users are logging in from. Put your IP addresses or hostnames to work with geoip filtering.

01 August 2016 Engineering

Earthquake data with the Elastic Stack

By Kosho OwaMark Walkom

Earthquakes happen everywhere, but do you know they have different characteristics? Let’s discover the fact by exploring the data provided by the NCEDC.