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Welcome to the Elastic Advent Calendar, 2018! A look at Week One

Drawing inspiration from the Elastic Stack calendar on Qiita (fully in Japanese) and SysAdvent (in English), our Engineering team shared 25 awesome topics with our community over the first 25 days of December for the first time in 2017. We had such fun that we wanted to do it all over again for 2018!

Each new post will appear on our forums at 00:00UTC every day and they'll cover a range of different topics, in a bunch of languages, to represent the Elastic team and our technologies.

You can follow the topics as they are posted right here, we'll tweet each new topic daily and be doing a weekly recap blog post like this one. Here's what you may have missed so far.

Week One, in Review

Dec 1: [FR][Logstash] Enriching Postal Addresses by David Pilato

Découvrez dans cet article comment transformer des addresses postales en coordonnées géographiques en local à l'aide de la suite Elastic et des données publiques d'Open Street Map.

Dec 2: [JP][Kibana] Understanding Analyzer with Analyze UI plugin by Jun Ohtani


素晴らしいことに、Elasticsearchには_analyze APIという便利なAPIが存在します。

Dec 3: [KR][Logstash] Crawl data from Facebook to Elastic through Logstash by Jongmin Kim

저는 Elastic 한국 사용자 그룹의 글을 가져오기 위해서 만들었는데 Facebook Group의 글을 가져오기 위해서는 추가 검수가 필요합니다.

Dec 4: [EN][Machine Learning] Rarity Analysis with Machine Learning by Rich Collier

Finding items that rarely occur is often very useful. Some example use cases are finding:

    • Rarely occurring log messages
    • Rare running processes for a server
    • Rare connection destinations

ML's rare function is only available in the Advanced Job Wizard, but the configuration is relatively simple. 

Dec 5: [EN][App Search] Quick and easy typeahead search implementation with Elastic App Search by Peter Kim

Elastic App Search is a Search Solution from Elastic that makes it easier for application developers to implement and manage core search functionality in their user-facing applications. There's no need to understand the nuances of text analysis, relevance scoring algorithms, spell correction, etc.

Dec 6: [JP][Elasticsearch] Dealing with search relevancy by Kosho Owa


Dec 7: [FR][Kibana] Kibana Canvas by Christelle Kerloc'h

Avec la sortie de la suite elastic 6.5, Kibana Canvas est là ! Vous pouvez désormais utiliser cette nouvelle application. Venez découvrir l'historie de Canvas et quelques cas d'utilisation pour vous inspirer.

More to Come

It’s a great collection of content packed into some mighty small space, and we’d love to hear your feedback on the posts. Happy reading!

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