Articles by Kevin Keeney

Cybersecurity Advocate, Elastic

Kevin exudes passion about the field of cybersecurity, technology, people, and where they all meet. He has enjoyed a career in military, corporate, and start-up settings, both in operations and pre-sales engineering roles. Most importantly, he is a husband and father of five amazing children.


DoD + DevSecOps: A path toward speed and agility

As the US Department of Defense moves to a software factory and DevSecOps approach, it's on a path to increase speed and agility. But to truly keep up with modern warfare, an observability solution is an essential investment.


Achieving the Army's data imperatives at the tactical edge with Elastic

Army leadership recognizes the need for adaptable technologies that enable data exchange at the tactical edge. Elastic’s free and open platform addresses this imperative and can address new use cases in demanding, and sometimes austere, environments.