Articles by Jason Dickson


Adopt-a-Character Program and the Unicode Consortium :-)

How Elastic engineers and staffers are supporting the Unicode Consortium's Adopt-a-Character program, and why you should donate!


Five-Star Videos and More: Top 10 Elastic{ON}16 Presentations

Support horror stories, cluster sizing, Graph, and what the heck is BM25? Counting down the top 10 videos from Elastic{ON}16.


USAA, Security Analytics, and a Journey to the Elastic Stack

USAA’s old SIEM wasn’t giving them the same bang for the buck that the Elastic Stack does today. Elastic quickly became part of USAA's cyber threat prevention.


Why Elastic Cloud is the Best Choice for Your Hosted Elasticsearch Needs

Learn why Elastic Cloud — the official hosted Elasticsearch service — is the best choice for your company, organization, or project. Plus, infrastructure info.


What It's Like to Attend Elastic Training

Where can you have one-on-one interaction with creators when you need to learn about the Elastic Stack? Official Elastic training courses are your best option.