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Senior Director, Security Products, Elastic Security, Elastic

Senior Director, Security Products, Elastic Security

Ian McShane is the Senior Director of Security Products at Elastic Security and former Vice President of Product Marketing at Endgame. He has nearly two decades of experience in operational IT and security and risk planning for enterprises, service providers and software vendors. He is a recognized leader for his ability to help organizations scale their security programs and bring products to market.


What does "no per-endpoint pricing" mean?

Elastic Endpoint Security uses resource-based pricing, just like our other solutions. Learn more about how you can break free from per-endpoint pricing.


Here's How We Do The Numbers

I spoke to a few IT leaders around the HIMSS conference last week. All of them expressed


Is MITRE ATT&CK the new “next-gen”?

It’s been 18 months since Endgame became the first endpoint protection vendor to go through a publicly disclosed ATT&CK tactics-based simulation run by the MITR


Here's Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Data misappropriation cheapens MITRE ATT&CK evaluation, but here's what is important.