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18 March 2019 Engineering

Elastic Support Alert: Upgrading Your Elasticsearch 1.7 Cluster on Elastic Cloud

By Elastic Engineering

The Elasticsearch Cloud will cease operations of Elasticsearch 1.7 on April 8, 2019. Find out how easy it is to upgrade your cluster to a supported version.

21 February 2019 Engineering

Elastic Support Alert: Elastic Cloud Enterprise and the runc Vulnerability

By Elastic Engineering

The runc vulnerability found in Docker has the potential to impact Elastic Cloud Enterprise. Find out about the risks and our recommended actions.

19 December 2018 Engineering

Kibana Local File Inclusion Flaw CVE-2018-17246

By Elastic Engineering

Learn more about Kibana Local File Inclusion flaw CVE-2018-17246, which was fixed in versions 6.4.3 and 5.6.13.

06 November 2018 Engineering

Elastic Support Alert: Kibana Reporting Vulnerability

By Elastic Engineering

Learn about Kibana reporting vulnerability ESA-2018-17 (CVE-2018-17245) and the recommended actions for those impacted.

16 January 2018 Engineering

Performance Impact of Meltdown on Elasticsearch

By Elastic Engineering

What's the impact of the kernel patches for the Meltdown vulnerability on Elasticsearch?