Announcing the 2022 cycle of the Elastic Contributor Program

Over the years, the Elastic community has created over 90 Beats, shared use case tutorials like those from Audi, T-Mobile, and P&G, and presented at hundreds upon hundreds of meetups. We created the Elastic Contributor Program, which launched globally in September 2020, to recognize and reward the hard work of our awesome contributors, encourage knowledge sharing within the Elastic community, and build friendly competition around contributions. And now we’re excited to announce the launch of the 2022 cycle of the program on February 1!

Participants in the 2021 cycle cited the opportunity to gain knowledge and give back to the community as the key motivators for taking part in the program. They also shared that they were able to take the knowledge they gained during the program and apply it towards their personal and career growth goals. Contributors provided ample feedback on the current program and we hope to incorporate their recommendations in future cycles.

In the 2021 cycle, we received over 750 submissions from 105 community members from 57 different countries in nine different languages. Elastic Bronze, Silver, and Gold contributors will be named at the Elastic Community Conference, slated for February 26-27. Recognized contributors will receive swag, extended Elastic Cloud trials, and Elastic training.

Community submissions have helped us to address a fairly frequently requested feature for one of our Elasticsearch ingest pipelines. Thanks to submissions from our community, we were able to accomplish this task much sooner than expected. Additionally, four community-submitted security rule contributions made it into the core build of 7.12.

All community members can take part in the program, and a wide range of contributions are accepted — we’ve even added a new contribution type, technical answers. Participants will now be able to earn points for answering questions about Elastic products on and Stack Overflow (check out the rules for more details). Speaking of points, here’s how it works: Points are awarded for code contributions, presentations, organizing events, and more. We have an entire YouTube playlist on how to create and submit contributions to the program. The top 30 contributors from each program region will be recognized. Winners will be announced for each region in March 2022.

Please refer to the program guidelines to determine if you’re eligible to participate. Thank you for being a part of the Elastic community — we’ll see you on the leaderboard!