Elastic launches Elasticsearch Service on AWS in London region

We're excited to bring the official Elasticsearch Service closer to our customers in the United Kingdom and across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
14 August 2019

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Deborah Wiltshire

Elastic Corporate Communications

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - 14 August 2019 -

Elastic N.V. (NYSE: ESTC), the company behind Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack, is excited to bring the official Elasticsearch Service to the London region on AWS.

This will provide our growing set of customers in the United Kingdom and across Europe, the Middle East and Africa with the immediate ability to start a free trial and deploy our Elasticsearch Service on AWS in London with a few clicks, with features you can't find anywhere else. The EU West 2 (London) region on AWS is Elastic's 10th global AWS region for Elasticsearch Service, complementing the nine other regions supported globally on AWS and an additional four regions on GCP, two of which — Belgium and Frankfurt — are in Europe. Now you can create Elastic Stack deployments inside the United Kingdom, all at the click of a button.

"We see growing interest from companies to use our Elasticsearch Service across the UK public sector, but also in technology, media, retail, finance, and healthcare," said Samantha Wessels, Vice President, Sales, EMEA at Elastic. "The cloud is becoming an important deployment vehicle for our users and customers deploying the Elastic Stack. In addition to the requirements for data locality, we're seeing customers move to our Elasticsearch Service for features like our deployment templates, machine learning, and having technical support from the creators of Elasticsearch."

All the features you love, now closer to you and your users

The Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud is the only official hosted and managed Elasticsearch and Kibana service, created and supported by Elastic. With the Elasticsearch Service, you can spin up a fully loaded deployment in the AWS London region, activating powerful features such as security, monitoring, APM and machine learning (among others) that are only available from Elastic. Experience refreshingly headache-free, zero-downtime upgrades to the latest versions of our software. For minor version upgrades, it's just a click of a button and you've upgraded to the latest security patches and bugfixes. Zero-downtime upgrades are possible across major versions as well, starting at 6.8+, using rolling upgrades.

"At Voxpopme, the Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud is a critical component of our real-time video analytics products for market research and customer experience," said Andy Barraclough, CTO at Voxpopme. "Latency matters to our customers and our brand. As we are a global tech company, the addition of another local AWS region helps to continue to reduce latency even further, which is great news for our customers."

The London region, similar to Elastic's other regions, offers all of the Elasticsearch Service features. Learn more about Elasticsearch Service subscriptions on our website.

Elasticsearch Service and AWS integration

Billing integration

Elasticsearch Service in the EU West 2 (London) region is available via the AWS Marketplace, so you can easily use your existing AWS account for billing, and is eligible for partial drawdown (in accordance with AWS terms) against pre-committed spend agreements like Amazon's Enterprise Discount Program.

AWS Lambda

Functionbeat, one of our lightweight data shippers that makes ingesting data into Elasticsearch easy, is implemented as an AWS Lambda, which can be used to receive events from AWS Services such as:

  • Amazon CloudWatch Logs
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  • Amazon Kinesis

AWS Private Link

AWS customers who are looking to securely connect to their hosted deployments from their virtual private cloud (VPC) can use our Elasticsearch Service Private offering. Elastic provisions these customers with a dedicated environment to host their deployments, which customers connect to using AWS PrivateLink.

Making Elasticsearch Service procurement simple for UK business

UK Public Sector can benefit from our status with the G-Cloud programme, a marketplace of pre-approved, pay-as-you-go cloud services on government-approved short-term contracts through an online catalogue. We are listed in the G-Cloud 10 catalogue and in the updated G-Cloud 11 catalogue that went live in July 2019.

"When procuring new or existing services, UK Public Sector organisations are encouraged to initially consider Software as a Service models, particularly for their enterprise IT and back-office functions. This approach is mandatory for central government and strongly recommended to the wider public sector."

-- UK Government Digital Service

Elasticsearch Service and GDPR compliance

Elastic has prepared for GDPR by carefully reviewing and documenting how it handles personal data, implementing technical and organisational measures to protect the personal data it does handle and defining and launching processes to respect the rights of data subjects across all our products and services. Today, Elastic is operating in compliance with the principles of GDPR. Elasticsearch Service customers can request a Data Processing Addendum (DPA) by creating a support case or simply emailing You can learn more about our security and compliance efforts on and off the cloud on the Elastic website.

Get started with Elasticsearch Service on AWS London

We strive to make migration as simple as possible and are focused on making it even better for our customers with every release. Everything you need to know is outlined in our documentation. For more details, watch our on-demand webinar on migrating your Elasticsearch data to Elastic Cloud. If you are migrating from Amazon's Elasticsearch Service, you'll also want to read this blog post that offers specific technical details.

If you don't have an account, sign up for a free 14-day Elasticsearch Service trial, and get in touch if you need an extension. Current customers can simply log in and select the new region. All you need is an email address.

If you still have questions, we're here to help.

Want to learn more about the differences between the Amazon Elasticsearch Service and our official Elasticsearch Service? Visit our AWS Elasticsearch comparison page.

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