Elastic Introduces Watcher: Alerting for Elasticsearch

Watcher enables alerting and notifications for businesses to take immediate action on any type of data
20 May 2015

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Amy White

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Mountain View, Calif. and Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 20 May 2015 -

Elastic, the company behind the popular open source projects Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana with more than 20 million downloads, today introduced Watcher, a new product providing alerting and notification capabilities for Elasticsearch. Watcher will allow companies like Cisco, eBay, Goldman Sachs, Groupon, Netflix, and Yelp that use Elasticsearch for real-time search and analytics to set up alerts and notifications around changes, trends, or thresholds in their data, helping them automate which actions they need to take to drive their businesses forward.

Watcher Proactively Takes Action Whenever Data Changes

As Elasticsearch has become a platform where data is centralized and used in mission critical systems across many use cases, the ability to automatically alert across constant flowing and ever-changing data has become a core requirement. Watcher provides capabilities to configure custom alerts and notifications called 'Watches' on any data indexed in Elasticsearch, including:

  • Application Data: Track and monitor the performance and usage of your systems and applications. Automatically respond to outages and open helpdesk tickets based on conditions and parameters. For example, if page load time exceeds SLAs, open a helpdesk ticket or page the administrator on duty.
  • Network Data: Monitor networks to detect malicious activities, such as fraud or cybersecurity attacks. Generate automatic alerts to other systems and your security team so they can proactively change firewall configurations or reject user access.
  • Social Media Data: Create alerts and notifications to detect failures in machines such as ATMs or ticketing systems. For example, using location data and Tweets, generate notifications to service technicians to investigate possible breakdowns.
  • Transactional Data: Ensure your systems are able to meet customer demand, especially during peak periods like Black Friday and Christmas. Use alerts and notifications to automatically communicate issues and bottlenecks with customer service teams, warehouse and distribution teams, and product specialists.
  • Elasticsearch Data: Ensure your Elasticsearch cluster is running at optimal capacity. Use API and index stats to send notifications if nodes leave the cluster or query throughput exceeds an expected range.

"It's really exciting to release Watcher as it applies to so many use cases across all of our customers," said Shay Banon, Elastic Founder and CTO. "As one of the most requested features to date, Watcher will allow our customers a simple way to proactively leverage their data to drive smarter business actions."

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