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Replacing Google Custom Search with Elastic Site Search: Take control of search

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Diane Tetrault
Diane Tetrault

Director Product Marketing


Scott Fingerhut
Scott Fingerhut


Did you know that Google Custom Search places advertisements above your search results on your own website, potentially allowing your competitors to advertise to your customers? And while you may not have intentionally added Google Custom Search to your site, it may have been added automatically when Google discontinued Google Site Search.

Search is a crucial part of the website experience for your visitors, but they may be missing out on content that you (not Google) want them to see, and you may be losing them entirely to other advertisers.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to see if your site is using Google Custom Search and what you have to gain from making the switch to a site search tool like Elastic Site Search, which lets you easily take full control of your website's search results.


  • Prevent competitors from advertising on your site
  • Gain control of your search results with filters, facets, and relevance tuning
  • See if your site is using Google Custom Search and learn how easy it would be to make the switch
  • Create a better search experience that ties to your brand
  • See how we ourselves leverage search on our website here at Elastic 

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