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Put your data to work with Elastic

Hosted by:

Dan Courcy
Dan Courcy

Principal Product Marketing Manager


Fermi Fang
Fermi Fang

Product Marketing Associate


Ethan Groves
Ethan Groves

Eng Sr, Product Marketing



Given exponential data growth and despite a proliferation of new tools to help organizations solve for a growing problem with data — content is becoming more difficult to find, enterprise IT is becoming more complex, and cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated.

Join this webinar to learn how the world’s leading organizations are putting their data to work using the power of search. Why search? Because search is the most intuitive way to find answers and to solve problems.

Discover how the Elastic’s Search Platform solves for multiple business challenges with one solution and is breaking down the barriers between data, people, and teams, especially if you need to

  • connect people and teams with content that matters,
  • maximize app performance and minimize infrastructure downtime, or
  • prevent, detect, and respond to a growing number of digital threats


  • See how seemingly discrete business challenges are often interconnected and how they are all fundamentally related to a growing problem with data
  • Learn how the Elastic Search Platform is helping organizations to:
    • More consistently exceed customer expectations,
    • More quickly identify and resolve application and infrastructure issues (before they happen), and
    • More effectively protect and defend their business investments.
  • Experience a demonstration of Elastic’s Search Platform

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