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Searching for ways to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction? Great business results and deeper customer loyalty start by delivering better digital customer experiences with search on your website, in your mobile apps, and across your organization's content.

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    Improving website search increases conversions

    A great search interface plays a vital role in how your customers interact with your business.

  • Virtual event

    Tips for using search to boost customer engagement on your website

    Best-in-class site search and better performance can boost self-service success, lower bounce rates, and conquer abandoned shopping carts.

  • Blog

    Why devs are putting user experience first

    Developers are closer to the customer and brand than ever before. Learn why you need to have a customer-centric approach as a technical leader in your organization.

  • Blog

    Finding business-critical files is a top challenge for workers

    Constant searching for documents during the workday is wasting time, reducing employee productivity, and creating a less consistent experience.

  • Report

    The changing role of the IT leader

    The COVID-19 global pandemic upended notions of what organizational resilience should look like. Read the report to learn more.

  • Ebook

    An Introduction to APM: The what, why, and how

    Implementing effective application performance monitoring (APM) is key to delivering great user experiences.


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Elastic powers search solutions to help businesses improve digital interactions for your customers.

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    Building great website search experiences

    Get a tour of the Elastic tools you can leverage to easily transform your website, including our powerful web crawler.

  • Training

    Workplace Search Quick Start guide

    Free, bite-sized training videos to get started quickly, and make every digital interaction count.

  • Ebook

    Implementing search for your knowledge base

    Explore this practical guide for adding modern search to your knowledge base and exceed customer expectations.

  • Ebook

    Search: The secret ingredient to better website experiences

    Create a great user experience and customer journey without making a single change to your tech stack.

  • Ebook

    Best practices for workplace content findability

    Learn best practices for planning, implementing, and optimizing search to keep valuable content front and center with a seamless experience.

  • Training

    App Search Quick Start

    Free, bite-sized training videos to get started quickly on creating great digital customer experiences.

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  • Analyst Report

    2021 Gartner MQ for Insight Engines

    Elastic is a new entrant and has been recognized as a Challenger in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines.

  • Analyst Report

    Forrester Wave: Cognitive Search, Q3, 2021

    Elastic is a new entrant and has been recognized as a Leader. Get the report to learn more.

Key initiatives

  • Evolving the DevOps lifecycle

    Observability: A critical business initiative for an organization’s digital strategy

  • Security without limits

    Unifying capabilities of SIEM, endpoint security, and cloud security in one platform