Proven Architectural Patterns for Mature Elastic Stack Deployments

The Elastic Stack is used to address a variety of needs, ranging dramatically in both complexity and scale. Components from Elastic can be deployed and configured uniquely for each implementation, so architecting a solution based on proven practices can both accelerate and de-risk projects.  Join Elasticsearch Solution Architects as they present reference architectures and proven practices in Elasticsearch deployments, ranging from high-volume log analytics to embedded search applications.     

Common patterns to be covered include:

  • Getting started quickly-- show results in minutes
  • Scaling to meet (the inevitable!) increasing demand
  • Supporting high-availability operations and resiliency
  • Considering multiple data centers
  • Common approaches to embedded and enterprise search

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Jeff Abbott

Jeff has spent the last 20+ years in various customer-facing roles in technology companies large and small. Most recently he has led the services and pre-sales organisation for a vendor in Abu Dhabi.  The common thread through the last decade has been data and analytics, from classic data-warehousing and OLAP through information retrieval / text analytics with NoSQL solutions, with a focus on data visualisation.

Dave Erickson

Dave Erickson is a software engineer and systems architect specializing in distributed systems and real-time analytics. Joining the Elastic team in early 2015, Dave is no newcomer to our technology space, having worked on some of the earliest NoSQL and distributed search system implementations in the Federal IT space. Dave is a Solutions Architect for Elastic and lives in Washington, DC.