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Gain control over the data your SOC needs with Elastic Security

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Mark Settle
Mark Settle

Principal Product Marketing Manager


Mike Paquette
Mike Paquette

Sr. Director Product Management, Security



The modern SOC must often make compromises when operationalizing data. Data is typically dropped or siloed due to technical complexity and/or cost. This results in low-fidelity detections, slow investigations, and time and resources lost in chasing down context needed to perform more compete analyses.

Join us to learn about how Elastic Security can help enable SOC teams to benefit from more data made immediately accessible for daily operations.

Learn how to:

  • Avoid the impossible task of choosing which data sources to ingest
  • Improve efficacy of detection while minimizing alert fatigue
  • Improve efficiency of investigation and incident response

Highlights of the webinar include:

  • Collecting diverse data from the cloud and other fast-growing sources
  • Increasing lookback range for hunting, investigation, and compliance
  • Maintaining all forensic evidence, regardless of dwell times
  • Automating detection across data that’s currently archived or dropped
  • Achieving cost-efficient data retention directly within your SIEM

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