Elastic Maps for Geospatial Analysis

Introducing Maps, a new Kibana application for geospatial analysis. Geo data is everywhere and is an integral part of a multitude of use cases. Backed by Elasticsearch, Maps enables you to analyze your geo data in real time, at scale, like never before.

With features like multiple indices and layers, the ability to map individual points and shapes, and dynamic client-side styling, you can take your geospatial data to the next level. Take advantage of the out-of-the-box baselayer maps and vector shapes in Elastic Maps Service or customize your map with your own. With Maps, Elastic enables you to gain full visibility into your geo data.


  • What is Maps?
  • Common use cases
  • Key features, including mapping raw geo_points and geo_shapes, support for multiple layers and indices, and client-side styling
  • Demo: building a multi-layer map from scratch

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Alex Francoeur

Alex Francoeur is a member of the Product Management team and focuses on Kibana. Prior to joining Elastic, he has spent nearly the last decade in the IT Ops and APM space. Most recently, he was at Dynatrace building out their next generation synthetic monitoring solution. Alex is passionate about data analytics, design and user experience.

Thomas Neirynck

Thomas Neirynck is an experienced software engineer, and has worked in the government, defense, and open source communities. As a contributor for Kibana, he currently helps users to get insights from their data.