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Data Exploration with Kibana and machine learning


Kibana provides various tools to learn about your data before you start building visualizations to analyze your data.

Data Visualizer is a powerful tool within Elastic Machine Learning that enables you to view your data and get an understanding of the metrics and fields associated with your indices. It will take a sample of your data and build basic visualizations for all of the fields in an index pattern. It even has an import tool for small datasets so that you can learn about your data before you start indexing it into your Elasticsearch cluster.

Kibana’s Discover Interface is the traditional tool used for data exploration. The Discover Interface also provides various ways to learn about your data. We will discuss the differences between the two tools.


  • What is the Data Visualizer?
  • How can exploring your data improve search performance?
  • Live demo: Using the Data Visualizer and Discover Interface
  • Preview of new Kibana Data and Ops Analyst Training Course and Elastic Certified Ops Analyst Exam

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