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Building a multi-tenant SOC platform using Elastic Security

Hosted by:

Ravi Ramnani
Ravi Ramnani

Principal Solutions Architect


Jenil Sadrani
Jenil Sadrani

Security Architect



With cyber attacks and threats increasing drastically as more and more organizations move to the cloud, it is more important than ever to build a robust and effective SOC platform to protect your organization from threats and attacks.

In this webinar, hear from the experts at Elastic and SharkStriker as they share best practices for building a multi-tenant SOC platform and how to get the best value out of Elastic Security for securing your organization from cyberattacks.


  • Learn what’s new in Elastic Security, from Limitless XDR to Elastic Agent and Fleet to help your integrated security data monitoring and expanded security strategy
  • See how to leverage Elastic SIEM and endpoint security for a white-label multi-tenant SOC and MDR platform
  • Hear about Elastic best practices and case studies

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