Visibility across legacy and 5G Open RAN architecture

Communication Service Providers (CSP)s have been at the forefront of innovation ever since the days of Bell Labs, which was the heartbeat of AT&T. Today, we have a new generation of executives focused on massive growth opportunities around digital innovation with 5G and full fiber.

How will telecoms position themselves to monetize the next generation of innovations? The challenge for operators is the ability to understand the data in real-time, in order to uncover revenue opportunities, reduce risk, and improve the customer experience. All while transforming from proprietary monolithic services to a portfolio of open and cloud-native architectures for delivery of services.


Learn how CSPs with Elastic Platform can:

  • Unify visibility across data and team
  • Enhance the customer & employee experience
  • Reduce the customer contact cost
  • Improve customer retention
  • Build greater customer confidence
  • Protect the brand from security incidents, outages, and more

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