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What’s new in Elastic 8.8

Hosted by:

Ravi Ramnani
Ravi Ramnani

Principal Solutions Architect



In this virtual event, we will walk through the exciting new capabilities and feature updates in Elastic 8.8 that enable your organization to build modern search experiences, observe distributed systems, and protect against complex threats.

Learn more about Elastic 8.8, featuring performant semantic search with the Elastic Learned Sparse Encoder, general availability of Synthetic Monitoring and Elastic native connectors, direct log ingestion into Elastic Cloud via Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, and more.


  • Elastic Enterprise Search
    • Learn about the general availability of Elastic native connectors, how to unlock performant semantic search, and more
    • Learn how Elastic can fully support the latest generative AI models, tighter integration of ML into Kibana, and more
  • Elastic Observability
    • Learn about the general availability of synthetics monitoring, how to ingest data directly into Elastic Cloud from Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, and more
  • Elastic Security
    • Learn about a new endpoint response capability to accelerate time to remediate and respond, improving data accuracy and streamlining alert triage

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