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Profitability, growth, and developer satisfaction: Total Economic ImpactTM of Elasticsearch

Hosted by:

Eric Hall

Eric Hall

Principal Consultant


Ben Pruden

Ben Pruden

Senior Director, Product Marketing



A recently commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting interviews 5 organizations and reveals Elasticsearch customers realize an average of 293% three-year return on investment and $16 million in benefits. This includes revenue improvements, productivity gains, and cost reductions.

In this on-demand webinar, Forrester Principal Consultant Eric Hall will walk us through the results of the study and discuss how you can apply them to your organization as you evaluate Elastic.



  • How Elasticsearch customers see a 293% ROI after their investment
  • How customers boosted revenue by 5% in 3 years
  • How a composite organization achieves $12 million in net benefits from Elastic
  • How Elasticsearch can increase profitability, improve employee and IT productivity, and reduce licensing and recruiting costs


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