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SIEM migration, simplified

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James Spiteri
James Spiteri

Director, product management, security


Asjad Athick
Asjad Athick

Senior Solutions Architect Lead, Asia Pacific



Are you one of the 44% of organizations looking to replace or augment their SIEM strategy? By defining the goals for your new SIEM upfront, you’ll be able to more readily quantify the success of your new program and see immediate benefits.

In this webinar, hear from our global subject matter experts who will share best practices for SIEM migration, including:

  • Defining priority use cases, workflow integrations, operational metrics, and more to deliver incremental value
  • Mapping your established use cases to the availability and collection of data sources
  • Scoping content creation and use case development on your new SIEM (including how to build natively rather than lift and shift from a legacy platform)
  • Establishing benchmarks and acceptance criteria
  • And much more…

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