Is it time to replace your SIEM?

Our new SIEM Buyer's Guide helps security leaders select the best solution to detect and respond to threats at tomorrow's speed and scale.

How does a SIEM tool empower your team?

See SIEM through an analyst's eyes in this fast-paced tour.

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The shift to the cloud exacerbates the visibility challenges of perimeter-based detection and response technologies…With SIEM, the SOC can restore operational awareness and control.

Ken BucklerResearch Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates

Industry perspectives on SIEM replacement

The challenges facing firms across various sectors are bringing security leaders to consider SIEM alternatives and reassess the capabilities teams need.

  • Industry view

    The accelerated adoption of digital banking, payments, and insurance channels enables providers to serve customers better. But with increasing IT complexity and data, attackers are finding new ways to wreak havoc.

  • Industry view

    5G and the cloud connect people around the world and support the success of countless initiatives. With rising geopolitical tensions, protecting these services requires a revamped security strategy.

  • Industry view

    One of the best ways to secure your data and systems is with a modern SIEM platform, which many government agencies and education institutions are using as a critical piece of their zero trust security architecture.

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Modernizing SIEM operations

To adapt to fast-evolving business needs, practitioners need rich visibility, automated detection and prevention, and streamlined workflows.

In this webinar, learn how Elastic bolsters security programs with a SIEM built for the modern SOC.



44% of firms want a new SIEM tool

SIEM technologies are evolving quickly — and if you’re thinking about replacing or augmenting your SIEM, you’re in good company.

Security Leader, OLX Group - Protecting mission-critical data with Elastic gives us confidence that we can expand our trading platforms in a secure environment.

Protecting mission-critical data with Elastic gives us confidence that we can expand our trading platforms in a secure environment.

Security Leader, OLX Group

SIEM use cases

Accomplish more with a powerful SIEM

Tackle SIEM use cases with Elastic Security. Go even further with built-in endpoint protection, cloud security, observability monitoring, and more.

  • Continuous monitoring with SIEM

    Achieving visibility across your environment is among the first — and most essential — steps to securing your organization.

  • Threat hunting with SIEM

    Hunting for hidden threats equips security teams to secure an environment against advanced threats and spot gaps in automated coverage.

  • Automated threat protection with SIEM

    Prevent and detect known and unknown threats continuously. Thwart complex attacks, ransomware, and more.

  • Investigation and incident response with SIEM

    Upon detecting a threat, investigate and respond fast enough to stem the attack before damage grows.

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