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Multiply the value of financial services with generative AI

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Tim Brophy
Tim Brophy

Principal Solutions Architect



Learn how the financial services industry uses Elasticsearch to improve customer experiences and achieve fast, relevant search at scale. You'll discover how financial services organizations' search solutions are commonly implemented and see next-generation experiences made possible by integrating Elasticsearch with generative AI.


  • Understand common data and architectural challenges financial services institutions encounter such as siloed data and a dearth of customer insights
  • Learn how Elasticsearch can unlock the power of your organization's unstructured data by unifying and enriching your data with machine learning, providing real-time insights, and using proprietary data securely with generative AI
  • See a demo of what's possible with Elasticsearch including tailored recommendations, semantic search, transaction location mapping, and generative AI integration
  • Hear how Elastic's financial services customers have used Elasticsearch to save on costs, unify data to improve operational analytics, and reduce compliance risk

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