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How to build comprehensive customer financial profiles with Elastic Cloud and Google Cloud

Hosted by:

Yang Li
Yang Li

Staff Cloud Solutions Architect

Google Cloud

Martin Ziemer
Martin Ziemer

Strategic Trust Lead

Google Cloud Enterprise Trust

Dimitri Marx
Dimitri Marx

Partner Solutions Architecture Lead



Financial institutions have vast amounts of data about their customers. However, many of them struggle to leverage data to their advantage. Data may be sitting in silos or trapped on costly mainframes. Customers may only have access to a limited quantity of data, or service providers may need to search through multiple systems of record to handle a simple customer inquiry. This creates a hazard for providers and a headache for customers.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how Elastic and Google Cloud enable institutions to manage this information. We will explore how powerful search tools allow data to be surfaced faster than ever - whether it's card payments, ACH (Automated Clearing House), wires, bank transfers, real-time payments, or another payment method. You’ll discover how this information can be correlated to customer profiles, cash balances, merchant info, purchase history, and other relevant information to enable the customer or business objective.

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