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Building software reliability with distributed tracing

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Ricardo Ferreira
Ricardo Ferreira

Elastic Observability Lead



The art and science of developing, deploying, and operating software are constantly in flux. Twenty-plus years ago, software was much more straightforward than what we have today. Most applications were built on simple clusters of HTTP servers, and looking for problems was only a log file away for developers. From monolith server processes to highly distributed and deep systems, we are now facing one of the toughest challenges in computing: truly understanding what our code is doing. One potential solution is distributed tracing. This technology allows developers to better understand their software and build a reasonable level of reliability that grants them the confidence to deploy software without much guesswork. Even on a Friday night!

What we'll cover:

  • Understand how distributed tracing helps build software reliability.
  • Discuss the impact of highly distributed and deep systems.
  • The need to integrate traditional monitoring with tracing.
  • Learn how distributed tracing technologies work with software stacks.
  • Learn strategies that can be used to ease up the observability adoption.

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