Observability for DevOps: A critical business initiative

Teams that focus on observability are able to develop 70% faster and increase product velocity with four times the features. Learn more about why observability needs to be a critical part of any organization's digital transformation strategy.



What is observability?

It’s not just a buzzword. It’s an essential tool that can help you increase developer productivity, accelerate innovation, and ensure a great customer experience.

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    Leveraging observability to build better applications at scale

    Observability is becoming a critical initiative in the DevOps lifecycle as companies move their applications into the cloud. Take a deep dive into the considerations you should keep in mind for an observability solution.
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    Cloud trends and how observability enables hybrid cloud and operational efficiency

    A hybrid deployment is the reality for most organizations today, creating increased complexity and new observability challenges for DevOps teams.
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    Driving mean time to resolution to zero

    An observability solution can help you deliver actionable insights and faster root cause detection, reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR) and allowing your DevOps teams to innovate faster.
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    Data building blocks for an observability solution

    Observability is all about the data: logs, metrics, and traces. Learn how to identify each type of telemetry data and how they can be leveraged for observability.


Shine a light on the unknown

To solve complex problems, teams need the ability to ask questions of their data — even questions they didn’t know they had.

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    Why observability is key to solving business and operational challenges

    Observability is fast becoming a strategic imperative for organizations as they adopt new DevOps practices. Learn more about the top challenges faced by teams and how to build an observability strategy.
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    Implementing observability: An interactive checklist

    Evaluate your observability readiness and understand your environment, processes, and considerations for planning and which tools to use.
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    EMA Top 3 Award

    Find out why Elastic was named a Top 3 Award winner in Automatic End-to-End Observability.

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    2021 Gartner MQ for APM

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    Elastic Observability Solution

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    The Total Economic Impact™ of Elastic Observability and Security

    Learn more about the potential return on investment enterprises are seeing after deploying Elastic.

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