Elastic video series

Intro to Elastic Cloud

Elastic offers real-time, scalable Cloud solutions on a single free and open technology platform that can be deployed on your existing clouds.
Accelerate results that matter, securely and at scale.

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In this video series, you'll get an introduction to Elastic Cloud and learn how to:

  • Log into Elastic Cloud and get started
  • Create dashboards in Kibana
  • Ingest with Elastic Agent
  • Use Terraform with Elastic Cloud Best practices for Elastic Cloud administration & security
  • Use Snapshots in Elastic Cloud
  • Use Open Telemetry with Elastic Cloud
  • Use Elastic Enterprise Search
  • Use VPC Peering
  • Set up Alerting
  • Set up Autoscaling
  • Set up Monitoring
  • Set up Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Use Cross cluster search and replication (CCS/CCR)
  • Pricing

Additional resources 

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