Elasticsearch surpasses OpenSearch in cost efficiency

When evaluating search analytics platforms, performance and total cost of ownership are critical components when making an investment decision, especially when exponential data growth and scale are top of mind.

With that in mind, how does Elasticsearch compare to OpenSearch, a forked search project based on old versions (7.10) of Elasticsearch and Kibana? Through comprehensive tests, TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group validated that Elasticsearch vastly outperforms OpenSearch across key performance indicators and resource utilization metrics. Based on this report, Elastic has developed a complimentary analysis to provide a framework to evaluate the financial impact Elasticsearch can bring to organizations using OpenSearch for log aggregation and analysis, whether for search, observability, or security.


Read this study to learn how a composite organization migrating from OpenSearch to Elasticsearch results in cost savings, cost avoidance, improved labor efficiency benefits, and the following:

  • 593% ROI for migrating OpenSearch deployment to Elasticsearch, including hard and soft benefits
  • 145% ROI for migrating OpenSearch deployment to Elasticsearch, including hard benefits only
  • $1.9 million+ in net hard and soft benefits by migrating to Elasticsearch
  • 7.8 work days saved per end-user employee per year from switching from OpenSearch to Elasticsearch

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