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Senior Product Marketing Manager, Security Analytics, Elastic

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Security Analytics

Mark Settle previously managed product marketing at LogRhythm and marketing communications at telecommunications firm Zayo. Today, he heads up product marketing for all things security at Elastic. Based in Portland, Oregon, he appreciates coffee shops with good Wi-Fi and plentiful power outlets.


What’s new in Elastic Security 8.10: Scale your defenses and outpace attackers

Elastic Security 8.10 brings richer alert contextualization, generative AI in GA, a MITRE ATT&CK® coverage page, and cloud security posture management (CSPM) for GCP.


What’s next: Black Hat 2023 takeaways

Black Hat USA 2023 showcased cybersecurity advancements and cutting-edge research. This blog explores major trends and how they may shape the field in the coming months and years.


What’s new in Elastic Security 8.2: Streamline analyst workflows with context and expertise

Elastic Security 8.2 arms analysts with powerful insights and enhanced attack visibility. The release delivers alert contextualization, host inspection directly from an alert, new investigation guides, and the GA of threat intelligence.


Elastic Security 8.1: Stop novel attacks in their tracks

With Elastic Security 8.1, stop novel attacks in their tracks. Thwart emerging exploits like Log4Shell with malicious behavior protections for every host and new detection rules for centralized alerting.


Elastic Security 7.16: Accelerate SecOps with the most powerful Elastic Security yet

Elastic Security 7.16 adds new data integrations for Elastic Agent, expanded malicious behavior protections, memory threat protection for every OS, and enhanced ECS support for Osquery Manager. Plus, new and enhanced ServiceNow workflow integrations.


O que há de novo no Elastic Security 7.13: equipe os analistas com contexto vital

O gerenciamento centralizado do osquery agora está disponível no Elastic Security 7.13, para que sua equipe possa se beneficiar do gerenciamento centralizado e da análise unificada dos dados do host.


O Elastic Security 7.9 adiciona antimalware, proteções na nuvem pré-criadas e muito mais

Experimente o Elastic Security 7.9, com coleta de dados e antimalware integrados, proteções na nuvem pré-criadas, fluxos de trabalho de analista aprimorados, e coleta e análise de dados expandidas.


Lançamento do Elastic Security 7.6.0


Apresentamos o Elastic Common Schema

Apresentamos o Elastic Common Schema (ECS), uma nova especificação que oferece uma forma consistente e customizável de estruturar seus dados no Elasticsearch.