See synthetic monitoring with Elastic Observability in action

If you need to understand what the real digital experience is like for your customers, synthetic monitoring can bring visibility beyond the walls of your environment. From cloud services to APIs and internet traffic, understanding the impact of external services, dependencies, and resources can be crucial to meeting your organization's SLOs and SLAs.

Explore Elastic’s new synthetic monitoring capability with our feature-rich sandbox demo! Our synthetic monitoring service offers real-time and historical performance trends, proactive alerts, and seamless integration with incident management tools. And it’s built to seamlessly support SRE workflows along with testing from dev to production through Git. Get full visibility into the actual performance of your applications with the convenience and coverage of a global testing infrastructure.

Elastic's synthetic monitoring demo highlights

  • View active synthetic monitors across geographical regions
  • Compare synthetic monitoring test runs side by side for performance trend analysis
  • Dive into the details of web performance and network requests for key transactions
  • Explore test scripts and the code used to replicate the customer journey


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