Underwrite the future with search

Hyper personalize policyholder interactions, proactively improve the performance of systems, and bolster your ability to combat cyber crime and insurance fraud.

Intelligence | Agility | Risk Mitigation

Navigate evolution with faster insights

Data scattered across your ecosystem makes the consumption and analysis of information difficult. Accelerate answers to your most pressing questions to speed up technical problem resolution, improve security posture, and refine customer experiences.

  • Create tailored search experiences

    Improve the customer journey. Know your policyholders better than ever before, with the ability to rapidly store, search, and analyze data across disparate sources.

  • Drive technical growth with unified observability

    Ensure the resilience and performance of core insurance systems, while bringing new products to market faster.

  • Mitigate cyber and insurance risks at scale

    Equip security teams to prevent, detect, and respond to threats at cloud speed and scale. Thwart complex attacks with ML and behavior analytics.

  • Unlock data to innovate across business lines

    Deliver faster, expanded data sets to lines of business to innovate and automate core processes such as quoting, underwriting, payments, and claims.

How to consume limitless quantities of disparate data in real time

Insurance carriers have vast amounts of data at their fingertips. The rapid adoption of digital and cloud services, accompanied by emerging technologies (e.g., IoT, AI & RPA), has the potential to enable a more curated approach to risk management, for both insurers and their customers. Learn how Elastic partners with the insurance ecosystem to help address these opportunities.

Top-of-mind topics

  • Why CISOs are the champions of insurance transformation

    As the insurance industry becomes more sophisticated, the volume of sensitive data being generated, streamed, stored, and utilized is exponentially increasing. This creates a huge opportunity for the CISO as an enabler of transformation.

  • Digital transformation in financial services: Microsoft and Elastic

    Digital transformation is a hot topic for leading financial services enterprises. Learn from experts at Microsoft and Elastic about how financial institutions can leverage technology to do more with data to meet new demands.

  • Multi-line insurance provider realized a 170% ROI with Elastic Cloud

    This case study by Nucleus Research shows how a multi-line, global insurance provider realized a 170% ROI after deploying Elastic Cloud to improve data access through Elastic Enterprise Search and Observability solutions.

  • How to catch a fraudster

    The need for modernized fraud technology is top of mind for the industry. Learn how improved biometrics, authentication tools, and search-powered solutions are winning the battle against bad actors.

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