Capital markets

Create stability amidst volatility

Elastic enables capital markets professionals to consume information at lightspeed. Maximize performance, deliver holistic risk management, and create insights that generate alpha.


Your critical data at market speed

Unforeseen headlines, regulatory events, or macro issues will drive volatility and test the bounds of your technology. Elastic creates confidence and ensures stability with one platform that enables you to consume information in real time.

  • Realize insights to generate alpha

    Capture insights at scale across any data set (structured or unstructured) — trades, counterparty risk, logs, metrics, and more.

  • Maximize performance to beat the competition

    Ensure uptime, spot latencies, and reduce MTTR for internal / external application issues to give your traders a competitive advantage.

  • Deliver holistic risk management

    Improve surveillance with greater visibility into trades and transaction settlements. Monitor regulatory reporting with ease.

  • Protect your networks, assets, and clients

    Monitor networks and endpoints so that only desired traffic is allowed into the firm’s ecosystem. Investigate incidents at light speed.

Connecting IT and business intelligence in capital markets

In an industry where uptime is critical, latency hinders returns, and a cyberattack can be catastrophic, it's essential to have complete visibility over your ecosystem. Learn how Elastic helps practitioners quickly bring together and see all relevant data to capitalize on opportunities and fix problems.


Top-of-mind topics

  • Optimizing trade performance in capital markets

    Success in the front and back office is dependent on the ability to provide accurate, fast responses to challenging questions. Learn how Elastic keeps your team moving through periods of high trading volume.

  • Digital transformation in financial services: Microsoft and Elastic

    Digital transformation is a hot topic for leading financial services enterprises. Learn from experts at Microsoft and Elastic about how financial institutions can leverage technology to do more with data to meet new demands.

  • Cloud and the speed of fintech innovation: ING and Google Cloud

    Hear insights from Elastic, Google Cloud, and ING as thought leaders discuss how to maintain trust, manage information, and turn regulation into an opportunity for innovation.

  • Earning trust across industries

    Elastic's hosted and self-managed products are built with security in mind. We work closely with industry experts and governing regulatory boards to adhere to sector-specific regulations.

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