Banking & Payments

Earn more interest on your data

Elastic helps banking and payments providers unlock their data to deliver exceptional journeys, powerful insights, and ultimate protection to clients and employees.

Intelligence to drive financial relationships

Harness the power of search in banking and payments

The banking and payments ecosystem is inundated with data, streaming from transactions, services, and applications. Elastic allows firms to better turn that data into insights, and outmaneuver the competition.

  • Create robust digital transaction search and tracking for clients and employees, guided by machine learning.

  • Advance operational intelligence

    Improve performance and speed up problem resolution for branch networks, customer applications, payment services, and core infrastructure.

  • Protect the firm and its clients

    Empower security and fraud teams to stop threats quickly and at cloud scale via lightning-fast search capabilities.

  • Personalize interactions

    Unify disparate data and content, aided through semantic search capabilities. Then, deliver tailored omnichannel journeys for retail and institutional customers.

Search, observe, and protect your ecosystem

Banks and payment providers alike need a better way of finding what they need to know faster. Learn how Elastic helps reduce this search time across a range of use cases within retail and commercial banking, treasury services, and payments.


Combat fraud at cloud scale

More real-time data drives higher detection rates and fewer false positives. By bringing significantly more information into detection algorithms, you're able to better identify atypical customer behavior and combat fraud at a global scale.


The speed is impressive according to all users we ask, including myself. Some technical people even double check the results, because 'that can't be true, that fast and accurate'. But it is.

René BouwProduct Owner and Solution Architect of Team Fortress, Rabobank

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