Clear API key cache APIedit

Evicts a subset of all entries from the API key cache. The cache is also automatically cleared on state changes of the security index.


POST /_security/api_key/<ids>/_clear_cache


  • To use this API, you must have at least the manage_security cluster privilege.


For more information about API keys, see Create API keys, Get API key information, and Invalidate API key.

Path parametersedit

(string) comma separated list of API key IDs. If empty, all keys are evicted from the cache.


The clear API key cache API evicts entries from the API key cache. For example, to clear the entry of API key with ID yVGMr3QByxdh1MSaicYx.

POST /_security/api_key/yVGMr3QByxdh1MSaicYx/_clear_cache