Custom Analyzeredit

An analyzer of type custom that allows to combine a Tokenizer with zero or more Token Filters, and zero or more Char Filters. The custom analyzer accepts a logical/registered name of the tokenizer to use, and a list of logical/registered names of token filters. The name of the custom analyzer must not start with "_".

The following are settings that can be set for a custom analyzer type:

Setting Description


The logical / registered name of the tokenizer to use.


An optional list of logical / registered name of token filters.


An optional list of logical / registered name of char filters.


An optional number of positions to increment between each field value of a field using this analyzer. Defaults to 100. 100 was chosen because it prevents phrase queries with reasonably large slops (less than 100) from matching terms across field values.

Here is an example:

index :
    analysis :
        analyzer :
            myAnalyzer2 :
                type : custom
                tokenizer : myTokenizer1
                filter : [myTokenFilter1, myTokenFilter2]
                char_filter : [my_html]
                position_increment_gap: 256
        tokenizer :
            myTokenizer1 :
                type : standard
                max_token_length : 900
        filter :
            myTokenFilter1 :
                type : stop
                stopwords : [stop1, stop2, stop3, stop4]
            myTokenFilter2 :
                type : length
                min : 0
                max : 2000
        char_filter :
              my_html :
                type : html_strip
                escaped_tags : [xxx, yyy]
                read_ahead : 1024