The state of customer trust and experience

IT departments are quickly becoming responsible for customer trust and experience.

Elastic and ThoughtLab teamed up to survey and interview 800 IT executives to identify how they are prioritizing customer trust and customer experience.

The findings show that leaders are able to earn trust through their reliable IT infrastructure that logs, monitors, protects, and searches data in real time to deliver reliable and consistent user experiences that can scale.

Explore the three key trends IT leaders keep in mind as they formulate and refine their IT infrastructure strategies to continuously earn their customers’ trust and improve their customers’ experiences.

Some highlights include:

  • Only about 4 in 10 executives say their firm’s customers are confident in their ability to provide reliable and secure digital services and websites.
  • Integrating technology in a cloud-based platform is particularly effective in building customer experience and trust, according to 56% of CISOs and 46% of VPs of IT architecture.
  • By investing in technology that improves customer experience and trust, over the next two years, three times as many organizations expect to see higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and almost twice as many expect higher Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT).

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