An introduction to APM: The what, why, and how

APM plays a key role in modern observability, acting as a guide to understanding all of your observability data by providing context and improving root cause analysis.

Get a jump-start on APM with this ebook covering all the basics and much more. From the impact of APM on IT operations, to how it works and how to deploy it, we cover it all! You'll learn about instrumentation, configuration, distributed traces, OpenTelemetry, and AIOps, along with how to choose an APM tool.

With APM in your toolkit, you are paving the way for advanced monitoring capabilities like synthetic monitoring, profiling, and more, preparing yourself for a future with modern observability.


  • The need for application performance monitoring
  • What exactly is APM and how does it work?
  • Key terminology in APM
  • Detailed checklist on choosing an APM tool

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