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APM and OpenTelemetry: The key to unlocking insights from your logs

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David Hope
David Hope

Director, Observability and AIOps Solutions


Ty Bekiares
Ty Bekiares

Principal Solutions Architect



Learn how APM and OpenTelemetry along with your logs can help you get the most of your log files from development to production. We’ll help you understand how APM and traces can help you make sense of what’s actually happening in your logs and how you can use that data more effectively.

We’ll also provide an overview of one of the fastest growing CNCF projects, OpenTelemetry and how it will impact the world of APM and observability, moving forward. By bringing your log files together with APM and OpenTelemetry, you’ll now have a much more effective diagnostic tool for developers, SREs, operations teams, and beyond!


  • What is OpenTelemetry?
  • An introduction to APM
  • Modern logging for observability
  • The benefits of a converged solution

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