Release Notes

Backward Compatibility Breaks

  • Rename elasticsearch index pattern to [topbeat-]YYYY.MM.DD in Kibana
  • Percentage fields (e.g cpu.user_p) are exported as a float between 0 and 1 #34

    Bug Fixes

    • Don't divide the reported memory by an extra 1024 #60


    • All external dependencies were updated to the latest version. Update to Golang 1.5.1 #162 #43
    • Allow setting the Elasticsearch host in different ways, by IP:PORT or URL #135
    • Add logstash output plugin #151
    • Add tls configuration support to elasticsearch and logstash outputers #139
    • Updated configuration files with comments for all options #65
    • Update ./ script from the beats-dashboards repository to configure automatically the index pattern in Kibana
    • Improve Topbeat dashboard by adding more widgets
    • Improve Topbeat documentation


    • Host and port configuration options are deprecated. They are replaced by the hosts configuration option. #141
    • Redis output is deprecated #169 #145