Elasticsearch 1.3.2

Release Notes


  • Percolator should cache index field data instances #7081
  • Query API: Add support for the _name parameter to the simple_query_string query #6979
  • Core: Verify for null references that may be returned due to concurrent changes or inconsistent cluster state #7181

Bug fixes

  • Core:
    • Create operation on replica should not throw DocumentAlreadyExistsException #7142
    • Pass down the types from the delete mapping request to the delete by query request #7091
  • Compression: Fix a very rare case of corruption in internal cluster communication #7210
  • Aggregations:
    • Terms Aggregation should only show key_as_string when format is specified #7125
    • Fix infinite loop in the histogram reduce logic #7022
  • Bulk API: Cluster block with auto create index bulk action can cause bulk execution to not return #7109
  • Mappings: Make sure that multi fields are serialized in a consistent order #7220
  • MultiGet API: fail when using no routing and an alias to an index that has routing enabled #7145
  • Reroute API: Fix serialization bug #7135
  • Query DSL: Cache range filter on date field by default #7114
  • Plugins: bin and config only plugins do not install correctly #7152
  • Geo: geohash_cell produces bad neighbors #7226