Elasticsearch 0.11.0

Release Notes

Breaking changes:

  • XContent refactoring might imply backward changes for Java clients (#367)

New features:

  • Bulk API (#371)
  • Gateway: a local gateway for zero configuration persistency (#343), (blog)
  • Mapping API: Delete Mapping (with data) (#373)
  • River: A pluggable river (indexer like) support (#377), (blog)
    • Twitter River Plugin: A river that index twitter sample stream (#378)
    • CouchDB River Plugin: (#382), (blog)
    • RabbitMQ River Plugin: (#380)
  • Search API:
    • Allow for script fields to extract parts of the stored _source (#349)
    • Allow to name filters and return per hit the filters it matched on (#364)
  • Thrift Plugin: Expose REST interface using thrift (#354)


  • EC2 Discovery should optionally bind to nodes who are members of all groups (#345)
  • Memcached transport does not support version, npe when no uri (#342)
  • Allow to specify highlighter parameters on a per field level basis (#356)
  • Allow to configure a common logger prefix using es.logger.prefix system prop (#360)
  • Change default thread pool to scaling from cached (#381)
  • Create Index / Update Settings: Automatically prefix all settings with index. (#355)
  • Gateway:
    • Default to local gateway (replace none gateway) (#347)
    • Add recover_after_data_nodes and recover_after_master_nodes (#376)
  • JMX: Disable creating by default an RMI JMX connector (#348)
  • Local Gateway: Expose gateway.local.initial_shards to control when to recover and index (#352)
  • Mapper:
    • geo_point type to allow to set store on the mapping (#359)
    • geo_point to support passing array of [lat, lon] (#361)
  • Query DSL: match_all filter (#365)
  • Search API: Automatically identify “script” fields on the field elements in search (#357)
  • Terms Facet: Allow to provide _index as the field, resulting in facets on indices (#374)
  • Admin REST API: Cluster State returns also allocations (commit)
  • Add refresh option to index/create/delete opereation, REST allows for refresh parameter (defaults to false). (commit)
  • Allow to specify stopwords as comma delimiated list of words. (commit)
  • Add nodes attributes to cluster state. (commit)

Bug fixes:

  • Search failure when no results are found and sorting by score (#362)
  • Geo search across anti-meridian doesn’t work (#363)
  • Setting path.work does not affect the logs location (#366)
  • Mapper:
    • Failure to handle null valued objects (“obj1” : null) (#341)
    • Upgrading a simple mapping to multi_field mapping fails on merge conflicts (#369)
  • Shared Storage Gateway (fs/s3): Wrong snapshotting of transaction log (#375)