Elastic customer stories of all shapes and sizes

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  • Southern Cross Austereo amplifies LiSTNR podcasting platform reach by 5x with Elasticsearch on Google Cloud

  • SNC establishes a robust, in‑house security operations center with Elastic while scaling to ingest a tenfold increase in data

  • BITMARCK helps German health insurers deliver a superior customer experience with Elastic Observability

  • French Civil Security Digital Agency ANSC Improves Its Emergency Response Management Systems with Elastic

  • KPN protects its business and customers from security breaches with Elastic

  • Saint-Gobain optimizes log analysis, adopts observability, and reduces costs by 40% by shifting to Elastic Cloud

  • Building the future of chatbots with Chat Leap’s no-code, AI platform, enabled by Elastic on AWS

  • Randstad Netherlands harnesses Elastic Security to protect tens of thousands of job candidates and customers from cyber attacks

  • Estonian health and welfare organization cuts MTTR by 40% with Elastic

  • petaFuel optimizes application and operational performance, and blocks credit card fraud with Elastic Observability

  • HSE increases customer satisfaction with elasticsearch on AWS