Strategy packages

Move from an existing platform or benefit from new features while minimizing risks and impact on your systems.


Discovery and consultative sessions with Elastic and customer team for migrating to the Elastic Stack or Elastic Cloud. Session will explore customer use case, business requirements, legacy environment, data model, access patterns, and query requirements for planning migration from a legacy search or analytics platform, including Lucene and Solr-based search engines, Microsoft® FAST Search, HP® IDOL, Endeca®, Splunk®, Attivio®, Datadog®, AWS™ ES, or other data or search products or services. Other legacy search engines may be considered.


8 consulting days

Customer profile

Can be applied to any solution: Enterprise Search, Observability, Security, or other use cases on the Elastic Stack, Elastic Cloud, or third-party products

Common tasks

  • Discovery and understanding of migration or upgrade requirements
  • Review of requirements: use, response times, SLA, uptime, capacity, search results and relevancy
  • Evaluation of existing infrastructure
  • Recommendations on migration strategy and implementation while reducing effort and downtime
  • Assistance with migration testing or production migration, if time remaining within the engagement

Project & Technical Oversight

A named Project & Technical Oversight consultant is allocated to you on a per project basis to provide ongoing overall project management, solution technical oversight, and consultative and advisory services on Elastic products and services being delivered by Elastic or a partner.


1 consulting day (estimated at 15% of project)

Customer profile

  • Can be applied to any solution: Enterprise Search, Observability, Security, or other use cases on the Elastic Stack or Elastic Cloud
  • Applicable to existing Elastic Stack or Elastic Cloud environments

Common tasks

  • Participate in technical scoping
  • Perform technical oversight
  • Establish project milestones and checkpoints
  • Produce and review status reports
  • Review Elastic and/or partner (subcontractor) billable hours
  • Perform final deliverable(s) review and delivery
  • Schedule and lead final customer briefing
  • Schedule and lead Support handoff
  • Perform retrospective and review feedback

Flex Services

Flex Services let you focus on the tasks within a package that are most important to you. Note that no custom deliverables are allowed with Flex consulting.


Flex Services require a minimum of 4 consulting days

Custom Services

Not seeing the package that's right for you? Tailored Elasticsearch and Elastic Stack solutions are available upon request. This option requires a custom scope of work to be evaluated for your use case.


Custom Services require a minimum of 20 consulting days

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