Elastic Cloud

Explore Elastic via your preferred cloud marketplace

Experience the best of Elastic in the cloud. Deploy on AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure and onboard faster with the tools you already know.


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Deploy via your preferred marketplace

  • Deploy in minutes

    Deploy in minutes and leverage the tools you're already familiar with on your preferred cloud provider.

  • Increase visibility

    Bring together all of your data within a single pane of glass for faster analysis to take action quickly.

  • Scale globally and reduce risks

    Run in multiple regions and get high availability. Reduce risk and disruption with automatic upgrades and the latest security patches.

  • Monitor and protect your environment

    Monitor health and performance of cloud environments with Elastic Observability and quickly detect and mitigate threats with Elastic Security.

Benefits of cloud marketplaces

Why deploy via your preferred cloud marketplace?

Run Elastic on AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud and deploy Elastic across your environment. Leverage the tools you already know to onboard faster and derive insights in real time, at scale, to drive business outcomes faster.

  • Exclusive integrations

    Take advantage of more than 30 integrations for popular AWS services such as Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose. Leverage more than 20 integrations for popular Azure services like Azure Event Hub. Or benefit from nearly 20 integrations with Google Cloud like PubSub.

  • Integrated billing

    Leverage your existing billing account with the cloud providers of your choice. Get one consolidated bill and draw against your AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud spend when using Elastic through your cloud provider marketplace.

  • Hosted Elastic Stack

    Leave maintenance and upkeep to us with our cloud service offering. Provision Elastic on your preferred cloud provider and optimize your deployment with best practices built for your AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud infrastructure.

  • Governance

    Manage your organization's procurement and purchased products to help mitigate risk vectors to your organization through unauthorized software purchases and deployment.

  • Generative AI

    Benefit from Elasticsearch Relevance Engine™ combined with Azure OpenAI, Amazon Bedrock, and Google Cloud Vertex AI to solve business challenges at scale, faster.