Modernize your SecOps

As a security leader, you need to reduce risk, minimize downtime, and maximize productivity. Elastic empowers your business to achieve more — even in the most complex digital environments.

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10 rules for (even more) success

Make a big impact on your organization's cybersecurity resilience while maximizing your own personal performance. Here are 10 rules for successful security leadership you may not be implementing.

What's happening in your SOC?

Explore real-world insights and sentiment on how today’s practitioners are working through their top SOC challenges and determine how you can further empower your team.

Tales from the trenches

Hear from fellow security leaders on how best to modernize your security operations, improve security posture, and streamline cloud migration — helping you prepare against potential incidents and global threats.


"With Elastic, we can bring in data from just about anywhere … It doesn't matter where the security devices are. We can also factor in the business context, vulnerability data, and threat intelligence data, which enhance visibility and discovery for chief security officers."

Brad TaylorCEO and Co-Founder of Proficio

10 takeaways for CISOs from the 2023 Global Threat Report

The Global Threat Report surfaces top findings on landscape forecasts, adversary tactics, and systems — courtesy of expert analysis from threat researchers on more than 1 billion data points.