Release, we have

swatches.jpgIt is a big day here at Elastic, internally referred to as our "release bonanza" day. Most of our major products have fresh releases, and today they are aligned to make sure users will have the best experience when using them together.

We have:

Released Elasticsearch 2.0. A major milestone and achievement of the whole team, and wonderful contributions from the community. New type of aggregations called pipeline aggs, simplified query DSL by merging query and filter concepts, better compression options, hardened security by enabling security manager, hardening of FS behavior (fsync, more checksums, atomic renames), performance, consistent mapping behavior, and many more. Also, it bundles Lucene 5 release, which includes numerous improvements, several of them led by our team.


Released Kibana 4.2. With support for Elasticsearch 2.0, dark theme, customizable maps, and numerous additional improvements. Much of the work in Kibana 4.2 was also internal, as Kibana continues on its path to, eventually, support external plugins, which leads me to:


Marvel 2.0 release. Elasticsearch 2.0 compatibility, streamlined metrics, simplified UI, but most of all, complete rewrite as a Kibana plugin, built on top of the Kibana platform. This first effort into extending Kibana helps us identify what it means to write a plugin for it, and what we need to do in order to eventually officially enable it to all of the users of Kibana. Ohh, and we have made Marvel functionality free for use to everyone, with multi cluster support as a commercial feature.


Released Sense 2.0. First? here comes the second one. We have rebuilt sense as a  Kibana plugin as well. With support for Elasticsearch 2.0, executing multiple requests, copy into curl, and many more. Ohh, last but not least, finally, we managed to open source it!


Released Shield + Watcher 2.0. A lot of work has gone in Shield, our security product for Elasticsearch, and Watcher, our alerting and management product. Security wise we have implemented one of our most requested features, field and document level security, in a way that “goes all the way down” to Lucene. We have also allowed for users to implement their own pluggable security handling. Watcher now allows to disable watches, and send notifications to Slack and HipChat (we do love our bot ops).

Released Logstash 2.0. Official support for Elasticsearch 2.0, clean shutdown semantics, performance improvements across the board, and Beats support.

As you can see, this is a major undertaking across all the products. Thanks to our close work between the different products teams and the Found developers, we are making all of this available on Found, our official hosted Elasticsearch / Kibana offering.

Fetch with Cluster.png

Phew, I am out of breath. What the team has done is impressive, humbling, and exciting! This is a great example of how working together, as a company at Elastic, and all of our users and contributors, results in our main mission: shipping products our users love, enjoy, succeed, and innovate on. Thank you.

“A Lion, in Africa?” - We are not done, I will end with this teaser, coming (really really) soon ;)