Quickstart your Elastic Cloud deployment with our new consulting package

Our Elastic consultants eat the Elastic Stack for breakfast, and they’re always hungry to share their vast Elastic knowledge.

That’s why we’ve created a new consulting offering — our Cloud Launch package — to help get your cloud clusters up and running faster and more efficiently. This deployment-focused package provides configuration and launch assistance for Elastic Cloud, including Elasticsearch Service, Elastic App Search Service, and Elastic Site Search Service.

Designed exclusively for our cloud customers, this two-day consultancy runs in eight-hour increments and lends under-the-hood expertise to help you get to market faster. Schedule your two days as needed over a 12-month period. To expedite this consulting experience, a formal project kickoff and engagement report are not provided with this package.

Much has been published about the benefits of hiring a consultant in a project’s infancy. From a high-level perspective, engaging with our consultants early in a project can help guide key decisions and lead to a successful deployment.

Get it right the first time

This consulting package is delivered in a virtual environment and provides an affordable, flexible option for accelerating project timelines, driving positive outcomes, and getting your system into production quickly — and getting it right the first time.

Our experts are eager to share first-hand experiences and to dish out best-practices guidance on onboarding, configuration, data ingestion or importing, data modeling, use-case migration, Query DSL, and visualization, in addition to answering a host of other cloud deployment questions that you may have.

Elastic’s Deployment Services package, which offers longer engagements with our consultants, is recommended for projects with more sophisticated deployment needs, such as large datasets or those requiring customization, architecture, and platform implementation.

Engage with us and talk to an Elastic expert to see whether our new consulting offering — or any other consulting or training package we offer — is the right fit for you.

Brian Reitz is customer success lead for Elastic. Thom O’Connor is vice president of Elastic Services.