Product release

Kibana 4.5.0 released

Welp folks, the release bonanza has begun and with it comes Kibana 4.5.0.

If you're ready to jump in, or just plain impatient, it's already available on Elastic Cloud along with the latest releases for Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Beats. You can also download Kibana from our downloads page.

As you have probably come to expect, Kibana 4.5.0 has been upgraded to take advantage of the latest features in Elasticsearch and therefore requires at least Elasticsearch version 2.3.0. Below are some of the other changes you'll find in Kibana 4.5.0. It's a smaller release, as we have been working hard to get Kibana 5.0 ready. Expect more on that soon!


  • Assign labels to metric aggregations - #5142Custom Labels Before and After
  • Automatically clear errors at the top of the page after 5 minutes - #6568
  • Configure how many saved objects to show in the saved object finder - #6128
  • List installed plugins from the CLI - #5920
  • When appropriate, show 0 or "?" instead of a "No Results" message - #5877

Bug Fixes

In #5908 we fixed a bug where pre-flight requests that failed would cause a full-screen "fatal" error. These requests happen just before Kibana sends queries to Elasticsearch in order to find out which indices should be searched, but were not using the same error handling logic as the actual search request. When a search fails it just shows an error at the top of the page with a dismiss button, and now eventually disappears. Now, errors that occur in these pre-flight requests will exhibit the same behavior.

Another bug was caused by legend values that had funky characters. These values were being used to generate element selectors and were not being properly escaped before doing so. This meant that simply moving your mouse over the legend could sometimes result in the not-so-lovely "fatal" error screen. That was fixed in #6228.

Some other bugs that we squashed:

  • Properly highlight sections of area charts in "overlap" mode - #6471
  • Use random colors if we happen to run out of colors in the palette - #5805
  • Respect the configured timeouts for all communication with elasticsearch - #6341#6377
  • Fix the way that intensity is calculated in the heatmap - #5236
  • Make the URL shortener work with installations using the base path configuration - #6353
  • Fix several minor usability issues - #6049, #5971, #6306, #6410, #6374, #5942