Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for Nov 5th, 2018



This week we continued working on granular application privileges. The UI to manage features within a space is ready for design review. We’ve also finalized our approach for toggling open source features, and work has begun on securing access to features in an extensible fashion.

Accessibility Compliance

Last week and this week we are hard at work performing accessibility audit of 6.5. We know none of you have any bugs in any of your code ever, but just in case your cats snuck some in while you stepped away, look for a summary of a11y issues in 6.5 shortly.


  • Further worked on styling. Added static and data-driven styling for all core properties, line-width, icon-size, fill-color, and line-color. Vector-layer now support styling of all simple feature geometries.
  • Further improved integration testing, adding new Jest tests.image6.png

Elastic Map Service

  • Sophox migration to production system continues. Sophox is an open-soure tool that mashes up OSM and wikidata data, and a prerequisite of the data generation for the boundary layers. Bringing this in-house will improve reliability of the system.
  • Continued work on the EMS version bump, which will include localization and improved field semantics.

Canvas integration

Ship ship ship. Docs. Docs docs. We fixed a couple bugs and started planning for and working on GA features.

Docs, docs, docs.

Still more to do, but we have introduction docs and a couple others started. We also made this fun gif for showing how expression execution flow works


Just for fun

Said it before, and I’ll say it again: Canvas is for showing off. The Phoenix office is in a private office in a shared co-working space. We have a big TV that faces out to the common area so that we can put fun stuff out there for public consumption. The Phoenix office is also in the direct take off and landing path of Sky Harbor Airport, so we made this simple workpad that shows what plane is flying overhead. It even attempts to give you a percentage of how certain it is that the plane we’re showing at the top of the list (if there is more than one) is correct.


Cross-stack enablement: Index Lifecycle Management

We’ve got an initial PR for adding the Index Lifecycle Policy CRUD app. These policies specify the various phases of your data and dictate when to transition between them.


We’ve even integrated index lifecycle information into the Index Management app, allowing the user to jump right from an index into the lifecycle policy it uses:


Cross-stack enablement: Cross-cluster Replication

The Cross-cluster Replication feature consists of two apps: Cross-cluster Replication which will let the user define the replication relationships between various indices of remote clusters, and Remote Cluster Management which will let the user connect Kibana’s cluster to said remote clusters.  We’ve created the foundation for the Cross-cluster Replication app, and we’ve created the basic views for the Remote Cluster 




The design team continues to crunch through our Sass conversion. Big PRs are up for TSVB and ML and we’re starting to jump into theming more of the legacy code. Speaking of Sass, EUI finally added a Sass linter. It’s pretty basic for now and doesn’t cover name schemas yet, but look to it making it’s way to Kibana (which will be a gamechanger) fairly soon. We’re also moving forward with PRs that get us closer to Typescript support in EUI. Lastly we got upstream PRs up for React-Datepicker to add accessibility and React focus-trap.



  • TSVB less to sass - and some UI work #24250
  • Updates EUI beta badge for 6.5 #25252
  • Add TS definitions for step components, and tweak checkbox definition #1265
  • [WIP] SASS linting #1283
  • [breaking change] Remove findDOMNode #1285
  • Adds lab icon and updates beta badge style #1291
  • build and publish lib and es directories #1292
  • Some `EuiSuperSelect` fixes #1295
  • `EuiToken` enums #1301
  • Some more mixins #1305
  • Security - convert LESS to SASS #25079


We’ve been focused on improving the UI and UX of the Index Patterns app, fixing Rollups bugs, and building out the Index Lifecycle Policy Management, Cross-cluster Replication, and Remote Cluster Management apps.


  • [WIP] Index lifecycle (#25553)
  • handle EuiSearchBar query parse failures (#25235)
  • [CCR] Boilerplate for Cross-cluster Replication app (#25237)
  • [CCR] GET API route to list auto follow patterns (#25388)
  • [CCR] Remote clusters management app boilerplate (#25369)
  • [CCR] Add list view, table component, and detail panel component for Remote Clusters app (#25446)
  • [CCR] Add Remote Cluster form (#25571)
  • [Rollups] Fix day of month only showing ordinals (#25322)
  • [Rollups] Move call to standard index pattern `fields for wildcard` from client to server (#25270)
  • [Rollups] Wrap long field names in Rollup Job Wizard tables (#25405)



  • Add timestamps for logs into the functional tests reports (#24509)
  • Make canvas common lib ready for dependencies static analysis (#24756)
  • Fix non-conforming licenses on devDependencies and add the ability to whitelisting devOnly licenses (#23859)


  • Testing 6.5.0 in progress.

KibanaApp (Visualizations, Sharing, Discover)

The team had their planning week last week to make plans for the remaining 7.0 timeframe.  Besides that some bugs have been fixed.


  • remove vis dependency from request handlers (#24119)
  • remove inspector from Vis (#24112)
  • [skip ci] Fix dashboard export documentation (#24701)
  • remove dashboardContext (#23227)
  • [InputControlVis] React 16.4+ compatibility (#25164)
  • Add hacky workaround for getDerivedStateFromProps change in react 16.4 (#25142)
  • Translations for ui/vis (#23694)
  • Translate vis color schema labels (#23603)
  • Fixes
    • Fix context test timing (#24949)
    • Fix missing TSVB markdown variables (#25132)
    • Fix TSVB state updates when changing indexpatterns (#24832)
    • other bucket filter for table and vislib legend (#24473)
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