Join our Elastic Stack workspace on Slack

A few weeks back, we announced our community Slack workspace. While we already have great platforms (like Discuss and Elastic{ON} Tour) and community programs for engaging with our users, this new Slack workspace makes for a lively way for our community to interact with each other, as well as a great new way for users to stay updated with the latest happenings in Elastic Stack.

So whether you're looking for help on a Beats module you've been developing, trying to find testers for a new Kibana plugin pet project, or even just trying to find the latest meetup happening in your city, the Slack workspace can be a great place for questions, answers, and community collaboration.

Our Slack channels have users joining from all over the world to interact on various products and solutions like #elasticsearch, #app-search, and #logs. And we also have the #usergroup-organizers channel where you can engage with our global community organizers.

So if you’re looking to be more active in the Elastic community — and you’ve got room in your channel list — please join the Slack group using this link:

For any questions or suggestions please reach out to our #slack-moderators channel.